Russian River Zinfandel

"Zinfandel is notorious for ripening so unevenly that it's in my opinion, one of the more challenging varietals to grow. Couple that with the fact Zin has zero tolerance for lack of cellar sanitation, it's nearly impossible to bottle flawless"- Winegrower Randy Pitts

Pitts Home Ranch Estate Zinfandel - Russian River Valley

Grown, produced and bottled on the Estate, the Pitts Home Ranch is our single vineyard flagship Zin. Each growing season, almost half of the Zinfandel fruit grown is thinned (dropped to the ground) at the beginning of veraison (period in late July when the green bunches begin changing color) in order to concentrate available carbohydrates and produce the aromatic and flavor intensity that lies inside every bottle of Estate Zin. Harvest Moon employs an extensive canopy management program with the trellised five-acre Zin block, including spring suckering, leaf pulling, cane positioning and ultimately fruit thinning. During harvest, we enter the vineyard three times and shave the fruit, picking only the ripe bunches leaving the pinkish colored fruit on the vine for another 8-12 days to sugar up. This vineyard creates single origin wines which exhibit intense perfumed, spicy red fruit that contains naturally higher acidity. Vintage after vintage, this wine will age beautifully for at least a decade but can be served at dinner tonight and promises to impress.

Russian River Valley Zinfandel Blend

Our neighborhood blend of Zinfandel is a compilation of small Russian River Valley vineyards all located within a few miles of our house and winery. With a really great blend of old mature vines and young enthusiastic vines making it into the mix, we craft a zin of complexity drawing from very established root systems to intense bright fruit profiles from younger wood. This backyard blend of 100% Zin promises vintage after vintage, versions of bright, juicy red and blackberry aromas and flavor profiles accompanied by that classic hint of white and black pepper ever lingering in the background. Although vibrant and lively young, this Zin blend will age well for at least eight years.

RandyZin - Sonoma County Zinfandel Blend

The RandyZin is a county-wide compilation of Zin with small amounts of Riebli Syrah and Alexander Valley Sangiovese blended in towards the end of barrel aging to create a tasty wine which pairs well with BBQ and acompanies the avid reader on those cold winter nights. We assemble this blend each vintage to offer an easy drinking cocktail style red wine that doesn't require bottle aging or excuse to open. Our grab-and-go pleaser.

Feeling a Little Randy today?

Late Harvest Estate Zinfandel - Russian River Valley

Our approach to Late Harvest Zin is one of relativity. Our Late Harvest Zin offers an exotic explosion at each sip... With only 13-14% alcohol and less residual sugar than most dessert wines, it's balanced! Yes, a balanced late harvested wine. Not too much sugar to cause the syrupy factor and not too much alcohol either. With classic racy Russian River Valley acidity remaining, it makes for a fun ride down Zinfandel Lane.

Dry Sparkling Zinfandel - Russian River Valley

This sparkling is crafted in the Methode Champenoise from our single vineyard Russian River Zinfandel vineyard. It's harvested in early August with low sugars and very high acidity, necessary for the production of sparkling wine and the pairing with your first course. This interesting Sparkling offers exotic spice and pepper aromas and tart zippy cranredberry flavors. This colorful yet elegant sparkling is welcome at any gathering and looks great in the glass around the Holidays. Dedicated to all the Sparkling Grandma's in the world and in our world, this one is for Grandma Elaine.

I was told by a true wine snob that I'm going to a very bad place for making a sparkling Zin, but that place is where all my friends will be, so I'll meet them there ;)