Estate Dry Sparkling Pinot Noir Rouge 2014

Alcohol 12.50%
Bottle 750ml

Made in the Champagne style, we are proud to offer this tiny-lot bubbly grown in my backyard and crafted 100% at our facility. Our sparkling program offers very dry, uniquely made wines with varietals not normally made into sparkling wine. This Pinot Noir does not fail in impressing the most discriminate bubble fan.

Tasting Notes

Crisp and light on its feet, this epically dry sparkling was co-fermented on the skins for 6 days for color, body and structure. Brilliantly electric hue, the racy acid dances on the tongue happily leaving tons of spicy red fruit and cola lingering long after the wine is swallowed. With a full 6 atmosphere's of pressure, the tiny bubbles on the palate beg for another sip.

Winemaker's Notes

This sparkling wine was crafted with serious love and attention. No shortcuts were followed in making this wine. We are proud to offer this sparkling wine with a bare minimum dosage of .5 grams per liter. DRY.

Production Notes

140 cases grown, produced and bottled by Harvest Moon Estate.

Cooperage Notes

stainless steel fermented and aged.