Estate Dessert Gewürztraminer 2013

Deliciously balanced for a dessert wine, this exotic approach to "stickies" (as called by Aussies) is a one-of-a-kind. Fresh and juicy, this wine is typically paired with desserts such as real vanilla ice cream topped with a slice of peach or pear, however soft cheese at the beginning of the meal is a great alternative.

Winemaker Notes

Having made this unique dessert wine 8 out of the last 14 vintages, I can say with certainty, the 2013 ice-style dessert Gewurzt is one of the best attempts coming out of Harvest Moon's line up. Picked at normal sugar levels, the grape is harvested between midnight and 4 am and rushed whole cluster to a large commercial freezer where the fruit is frozen solid for a month. Once frozen, the glass-like clusters are pressed hard and slooooowly drips the pure nectar. Water stays frozen while the pure sugar falls out of the press and into your glass. Reminicent of my child hood summers, I enjoyed snow cones where I extracted the sugary liquid and what remained was the frozen water still in ice form. Same concept except extrapolated out on a larger format. Due to the high sugar content, he yeast are slowly coaxed into fermentation. Like clockwork, the yeast become stressed around 10.5% alc and stop fermenting. The wine is cold stabilized and sterile filtered into 375 ml bottles.

Cooperage Notes

none. Stainless fermented and aged.

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AppellationRussian River Valley
PairingGrey Goose from the freezer... Ice wine martini's... One part vodka, one part ice wine, 3 red seedless grapes and 2 green. Blend, strain and serve cold in a martini glass.
Harvest Brix23.4°