Russian River Gewürztraminer

Planted by my family in 1976, our mature four acres of cane-pruned gewürztraminer fruit was sold to a local winery for over 25 years. We craft three unique styles of Estate Gewürztraminer from approximately 10 tons annually.

Dry Sparkling Gewürztraminer - Russian River Valley

Grown on our south block of our backyard, this very unique approach to Gewürztraminer offers a crisp, brut-zero sparkling showcasing vintage after vintage bright green and spicy red apple undertones and wonderfully clean citrus profiles. With complete malo-lactic fermentation and a brief mingling with new oak, our Sparkling Gewurztraminer successfully straddles traditional Champagne Methode and new world ideas. Perfect for Sunday Brunch! Fewer than 150 cases annually produced.

Estate Dry Gewürztraminer - Russian River Valley

Different, dry and delicious, we're proud to offer a super dry yet flavorful style of Gewürztraminer planted by my father in the 70's. With sugars arriving at the crushpad in the 22-23 degree range, our alcohol levels are lower and natural acidity is higher than typical. This composition showcases aromas of bright summer melon and flavors that excite the palate with juicy citrus and Gewurzt spice. With full malo-lactic fermentation and 10% aged in new wood, each vintage comes layered with subtle creamy edges yet finishes crisp clean. Our dry Gewürzt pairs beautifully with local seafare and invites a stoll through your garden with glass in hand. Fewer than 250 cases annually produced.

Ice-Style Gewürztraminer - Russian River Valley

WIth only moderate maturity, the Estate grapes are harvested off the Laguna Block and taken whole cluster to a local freezer where the fruit sits for 9 days at -32 degrees. The frozen clusters are then rushed to the crushpad in the early morning and hard pressed until tiny droplets of pure fructose slowly fall from the press and into the collection pan. The very sweet and intense golden nectar is inoculated and fermented until the yeast become exhausted from the sweet environment and stop fermenting naturally. This dessert wine showcases intense rose pedal and fresh cut pear/peach aromas and on the tail end, there lies enough acidity to cut through the end of dinner delicacies. With a few years in the bottle, this wine will increase in silky body and offer a perfumed honey nuance. Fewer than 200 cases annually grown, produced and bottled in 375 ml split bottles.