Our Sparkling program began in 2003 with a dream of making a small lot of dry Sparkling wine from the only white grape we had on our small Estate... Gewurztraminer. With a mere 70 cases produced, we had launched our journey into all things bubbly. Over the next decade, Harvest Moon produced a number of tiny lot Sparkling wines including a Pinot Noir Rouge, Chardonnay blanc to blanc and of course a red Zinfandel.

In 2013, seeking to expand our winemaking repertoire, all necessary equipment was purchased to produce our own Estate sparklings in-house. This was a significant move as it required a whole new set of knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully produce the tiny bubbles. Visitors to the Estate will now be able to sample various Sparkling wines. Please inquire about our Sparkling flights now available to sample in the Tasting Room.