Tips for Growing a Succulent Garden

6th Oct 2020 @ 19:28 by Sue

They may be “trendy” but there’s a good reason…they are just so adorable! A variety of succulents is a fantastic addition to any garden and they come in a myriad of colors – red, blue, orange, purple and green. Succulents are very versatile and look great as décor inside your home or outdoors on your deck or patio.

Succulents are cousins to the prickly cacti. The main way to tell them apart is by the thorns. But rather than being prickly, succulents can be a bit finicky. Although they are originally from the dry desert environment and are frequently considered “indestructible,” they still require a bit of special attention - just the right amount of soil and sun and not too much water. Sounds a bit like the very finicky Pinot Noir grape here in wine country.

Just like Pinot Noir grapes, succulents grow best when conditions are optimum. When it comes to soil, most succulents like a well-draining soil with a mix of sand and gravel. Even though succulents are desert plants, some of them don’t do well in full sun. Instead they prefer a little shade and good air flow around them.

It is possible to overwater a succulent and while some can go days or weeks with no water, others may require more regular watering. You can check your soils moisture using a chopstick like you would a toothpick in a cake. If some of the soil sticks to the chopstick, there’s no need to water. When your succulents do need water, be sure to get only the soil wet, and not the leaves.

Remember that all succulents are different. Some are hardy and live outdoors year-round without a problem. Others may need to be indoor houseplants, particularly in the winter months. Mixing indoor and outdoor varieties can create a disaster, so be sure to keep them separated. Our owner Randy Pitts has an incredible succulent garden at the Willowside Learning Farm and you can sometimes purchase his succulents at the winery!

We look forward to seeing you at the winery soon!