Sweet Surrender - Dessert Gewürztraminer

13th Aug 2020 @ 11:55 by Sue

Dessert Gewürztraminer (California Ice-style Wine)

This is one that will knock your socks off and you'll be forced to surrender to this delectable sweet treat. Surrender never felt so good!

“As a lifelong lover of Canadian Icewine, I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted Harvest Moon’s Gewürztraminer offering. This wine is loaded with honeyed stone fruit goodness, and the acid holds up well. I had mine with roasted Summer peaches over vanilla bean ice cream...just a fantastic finish to a great meal!” - Richard Maifeld

Flavor Profile: For those who appreciate a truly sweet dessert wine, Harvest Moon’s unique ICE-style wine is just for you. This wine has a full luscious mouthfeel with ripe, floral melon, guava and rich juicy honey leading to a tart honeydew finish.

Food Pairing: We recommend this exquisite wine with your favorite dessert or over your favorite person. Soak raspberries and strawberries in ice wine and then heap over ice cream or sponge cake for a delicious Strawberry Shortcake. Slice pears, drizzle with ice wine and top with blue cheese crumbles and candied walnuts. Pair with real vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce drizzled over the top with a fresh peach slice. Here at the winery, we pair this with the soft Farmer's Cheese from Valley Ford Cheese Company.

Recipe: Ice Wine Martini Dessert Cocktail: Mix with one or two parts vodka with the Dessert Gewürztraminer. The vodka helps cut the sweetness of the ice-style wine. Garnish with frozen grapes. Optional: Top with our Sparkling Gewürztraminer.

Winemaking Process: This wine is very difficult to produce. Picked cold between midnight and 5am, the whole clusters are rushed to a commercial freezer where they sit for a month. The frozen fruit is pulled out at 5am in small amounts over a week-long period and brought to the crush pad for a hard, quick press off. When the grapes thaw, the pure sugar thaws first, dripping down into the press pan while water in its purest form stays frozen. Picture shaved ice at the fair when you suck all the sugary flavoring out. What remains? Pure ice. The concentrated juice measures between 38 and 42 Brix! (very, very sweet). It takes a lot of grapes to make this concentrated dessert wine.

Technical Notes: Alcohol: Approx. 11.5% Cases Produced: Approx. 250 cases Residual Sugar: Approx. 14.4 g/L Retail Price: $36 per bottle Cellar: For 3-8 years