Harvest Moon has found its SAVAGE

7th Aug 2017 @ 16:20 by Gretchen

After 12 years of chasing the elegant, cool-climate style of lower alcohol Zin, we've found our savage. We've turned up the volume on our famed Pitts Home Ranch Estate Zin from the elegant 13.8 to14.4 percent alcohol to the sledgehammer level of 16.4 percent. Duck--this Zin is coming out swinging. As I swirl this monster, thick, slow-moving beads of glycerol trail the electric red wine on the inside of the glass. The fruit is open and flirtatious with gobs of candied-red cherry and faint black pepper flowing off the rim. The tannins play a supporting role to the glycerol and voluptuous mouthfeel. But in the classic Harvest Moon Estate Zin style, this wine is filled with huge, deep red and dark fruits, swirling around a gentle peppery core. This is not a shy wine, folks.

Since the corporatization of wine, all wines have seen a moderate to significant increase in ripeness in grapes coming off the vine--creating much higher alcohols levels. The bigger is better mentality has crept into our daily lives slowly and incrementally--bigger cars, houses, parking spaces, plates, wines . . .

While I wrote this, I thought of the saying "If you can't beat them, join them." I concluded it wasn't accurate here. I feel after spending the past decade plus of my life imagining and slowly crafting the elegant side of Zinfandel, I did accomplish what I wanted—to tame the beast we wine geeks call ZINFANDEL.

Although I'm not convinced that bigger is better with regard to wine and grape sugar levels, the Savage Zin will satisfy the animal in all of us. This is not a weekday wine. Pop the cork and decant this monster Zin and howl on those full-moon nights.

Release the savage!!!! Ready in our winery this fall of 2017.

It's going to be a wild night!