Hola from Argentina!

11th Mar 2016 @ 10:13 by Sydney

A guest blog from our Collin, who started with us in the Tasting Room two years ago, and is now a world traveler! Here's an update on her experience working at a winery in Argentina.

My Adventures in Buenos Aires

It’s been over a month now in this beautiful city of Buenos Aires, the city that never sleeps. Street vendors fill the streets with all sorts of meat, empanadas, heladeria shops. “Open 25 hour” drug stores line ever block while taxi drivers and bus drivers drive erratically down the streets. Ive been working for a place called Anuva Wines (:https://www.anuvawines.com/wine-tasting-best-wines-best-people/), a wine tasting service that sells limited production boutique wines guided towards tourists. It has only been since the last 10-15 years small wineries have really started to gain some recognition in the industry. I’ve been tasting Bonarda, the “secret” grape of Argentina, Torrontes, the “holy grape” that’s only grown in Argentina, Malbecs and other varietals. Out of all the wines I’ve tasted, Torrontes is winning for me.

So far on this trip, I’ve visited Tigre located one hour north of Buenos Aires, where I took a boat ride along the Tigre River. Tigre is its own little community, isolated from the main city surrounded by palm trees, where I also visited the fruit markets. The shops seemed endless and I spent at least three hours walking through the fruit markets and souvenir shops. Plenty of street fairs line the streets of San Telmo, at least 20 blocks worth of walking.

Which brings me to my next trip; I can’t wait to travel to Mendoza in 2 weeks. I will be going on two different winery tours one day and exploring the hills of Penitents’, Uspallata Valley, taking a walk to Horcones Lagoon and all through the mountains the second day. I’ll also being going on a trip to Iguazu Falls the week before. The waterfalls of the Iguazu river divide the province of Argentina and Brazil. I’ll be taking a trip to Iguazu National Park as well, featuring a subtropical jungle with thousands of different species of mammals, birds and insects. When my trips come soon enough, I’ll make sure and post another blog. But so far with wine, Sonoma County wines take the lead.